About Blunty

Nate “Blunty” Burr – Content creator, Youtuber, Influencer, Streamer…
An Australian adventuring in online video production since YouTube was still in its infancy.

Nate is deeply passionate about Geek-culture, Gaming, Media, photography, videography & content creation. Best known for being a “no BS” kinda guy, a huge dork, and making being dryly sardonic an art-form.

For over a decade he has been producing videos, reviews and commentary for, on, and about technology, games, gaming hardware, smartphones, cameras and other video and photography accessories & gizmos. Personal passions drive all the content.

He has also created everything from animated music videos for Warner Bros Music, Viral promotional videos,  he’s covered countless events, conventions, expo’s, movie premieres and product launches, and has produced a short animated series called “MeatSpace” which aired on National Television for ABC2 in Australia.



Conventions, expos, Photography & Cameras, Travel,  Vlogs, Technology Reviews, Game reviews, Editorial Commentary, Competitions, Comedy, Animations, Music Videos, If it can be done on Video, Nate’s done it, or will do it…. with some obvious exceptions;)

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