About Blunty

Nate “Blunty” Burr – writer, director, online audio/video content creator –
An Australian adventuring in online video production since YouTube was still in its infancy.

Nate is deeply passionate about photography, videography & content creation, well known for being a giant dork. and making being dryly sardonic an art-form.

Often found producing reviews and commentary for, on, and about technology, games, gaming hardware, Smartphones, cameras and other video and photography accessories & gizmos.

He has also created everything from animated music videos for Warner Bros Music, Viral promotional videos,  he’s covered many events, conventions, expo’s, movie premieres and product launches, movie & TV reviews and he has produced a short animated series called MeatSpace for ABC2 television in Australia.

Consistently one of the most viewed & subscribed youtubers in Australia, Nate is consistently churning out online video content from almost every genre imaginable.

Blunty3000 AKA Blunty AKA Nate

Photography & Cameras
Technology Reviews
Game & Movie reviews
Editorial Commentary
Music Videos
If it can be done on Video, Nate’s done it, or will do it…. with some obvious exceptions;)

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14 comments on “About Blunty

  1. Frank

    hehe, your awesome!!

    and I love putting my mouse pointer over that cartoon of you on your youtube channel because it looks like a nose :D

  2. Gabe

    I’ve watched just about every single one of your videos and I agree with your opinion on everything you’ve said, even that Americans are stupid, and I’m an American. I’m so moving to Australia as soon as I can! :)

  3. Kyle

    Great job Blunty, I like your videos, especially those about the Bieber “fever”… I completely agree. Waiting for your next videos with impatience :)

  4. Steve

    Hey man! Glad to see you’re still around doing your thing. I remember watching you when you first started out, along with the thewinekone and boh3m3. I had a few good laughs, good job buddy! Also glad to hear that you’re doing alright considering the situation over there with the mass flooding. I live by Toronto Ontario and couldn’t imagine what it would be like dealing with floods like that. Anyway, glad to see you’re still doing your thing man. Keep it up! :)

  5. Andrew

    Hi Blunty,
    I was wondering if you are organising any photography workshops or semminars in Sydney. I’d happily join one.

  6. chatbear69

    Just ran across your videos on YouTube and you make me laugh. I love the down to earth way you put shit into perspective. Keep up the good work and for those who just want to Bitch, screw em. That’s what I love about life. You learn or you get left behind.

    Take care and I look forward to more ….


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