How to Get Beta Access & 10 Most Asked Questions about NEW WORLD

Top 10 Most Asked Questions about NEW WORLD
Amazon’s NEW WORLD is Less than from its Closed Beta, then New World Launch date of April 31 hits. Time to get some answers out.

0:00 About…
1:47 10. How to get into closed beta
2:15 9. Buy New World on Amazon or steam
3:04 8. New World beta Start and End Dates
3:35 7. Will there be Progress wipe for New World Closed Beta?
4:10 6. Can You change factions / Which Faction to Choose
5:24 5. Are there guilds?
5:65 4. PVP vs PVE?
7:30 3. The new World cash shop controversy
10:04 2. Can you Get a Refund After Beta
11:23 1. Can you play as a Casual & Stay Competitive?