Japanese Stupid Hipster Lens… I LOVE IT

GIZMON Utulens Review

GIZMON Utulens, Compatible Mirrorless Camera available for Micro Four Thirds, Sony E-Mount, FUJI X-Mount, EOS M-Mount & Nikon 1 Mount https://amzn.to/3dG8ZBW

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“Utsurundesu”(Global name:QuickSnap) contains an aspheric meniscus lens. For this high performance lens, it is still popular among many photographers.

With “Utulens” you could enjoy the lo-fi and emotional taste of photography on your mirrorless interchangeable lens camera as if you were taking with Utsurundesu. It is a thin and easy to carry pancake lens. A perfect size to snap photos!

Music by Teknoaxe.com
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