Talking Making VR Video … Filmed in VR, The Easy Way!

Forget those 360 VR video cameras that give you a boring 2D ball to flail your face about in, the LUCIDCAM does 180 video in REAL STEREOSCOPIC 3D VR… filmed with (Not sponsored, but they did send me a camera to test)

*Note, youtube VR180 format is still in testing, so out of necessity, this video was converted to the existing 360 spherical format, which has reduced its quality somewhat.

Edited in FCPX (which does not yet natively support VR videos, but you can edit the SBS files from the lucidcam there easily enough, and it is getting a VR update soon), then you have to convert it to over/under & ad the right metadata – Lucid have an app for that… this process will be MUCH easier when Youtube’s VR180 format is properly released)