The Monster that Folds – MSI GT72VR 7RE

So, I recently had a MSI GT72VR 7RE in hand, the PLAN was to make a video review, and thus round out the series of videos and MSI Facebook livestreams about their whole range of new Kaby Lake based laptops… but hey, life… adventures in Texas and such,

I ran out of time with it before the video was done… BUT… just so you folks know;

If you’re a hardcore gamer in need of a real nice balance between a BRUTAL gaming machine, and something that can travel with comparative ease…

This… THIS!

The 17.3” 120Hz refresh rate (an optional choice I SERIOUSLY love) will give you FPS and competitive types every frame of love you want, the response time is a skant 5ms.

Plus the Wide colour gamut, so nice, and great if like me, aside from gaming, you do some content creation… images, videos…

You can get it with a Nvidia GTX 1060, or, y’know, if you’re SERIOUSLY serious, a GTX 1070 for brutalising all your favourite AAA titles at the kinds of framerates that can take advantage of the high refresh of the screen

And I’ve said this about all of MSI laptops, because, frankly, they nail it great, but their cooler designs help keep even brutes like this remarkably cool, and MUCH quieter than you’d expect high end gaming laptops to be.

Also like the other MSI lappy’s, the steelseries keybaord is a cut above the average too. Especially with the nifty RGB tie in to Gamesense which can use the light up keyboard to give you feedback on stuff in game, like ammo, health etc. Which is pretty neat.

So no real review… but I do really suggest you go take a poke at MSI’s site on it… it really does strike a nice balance between the MONSTER laptops in the range, and being something that can, practically, go with you.