The Gaming PC that Looks like a Gundam – Aegis X3 Review

MSI Aegis X3 Gaming PC Review.
“HARNESS THE POWER OF GAMING Unmatched in performance and extraordinary in design, the Aegis Series are at the top of MSI’s Gaming desktop line-up and meant for gamers that demand the very best. Armed with the most advanced graphics cards, the most refined audio technologies, the best cooling and packed with unlimited gaming features. The Aegis Series are the best of the best of true PC gaming.”

Full Openness; I have just signed on with MSI as part of their “Dragon Squad” Though my testing & review of the Aegis X3 actually started before I signed on, But if you feel this colours my objectivity when it comes to a review like this, so be it… But as long time viewers will know, My opinion is my opinion… and if it’s says “Review” in the title, be assured that it means the content is 100% my own free-spoken opinion, without MSI approval, or input. I take this very seriously, and will NEVER slap “review” on directly sponsored content.
(And besides that, one of the reasons I accepted the invitation to “dragon squad” is because I’ve NEVER once been disappointed by a MSI product anyway :) – feel free to search my back-log of videos for MSI reviews to compare my attitude long before I had a relationship with MSI. I stand by it.)