Which CPU To Pick For a Gaming PC? – Ryzen 1600x or 1500x

AMD Ryzen 5 is HERE! NOW! I’m testing the Ryzen 1600x & Ryzen 1500x, With Gameplay, Overclocks, Streaming etc etc… This vid; 1600x vs 1500x for a gaming PC..

“Episode o” “Fake Builds” VS REAL Gaming PC’s PEOPLE USE! – My AMD Ryzen 5 vids are probably a Bit Different https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hT74mCyHRQ

Ep1; AMD RYZEN 1600x For Gaming? + The Overclock Difference; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCOhMzyr78o

Ep2; Not Even Kidding…AMD RYZEN 1500x Beats Overclocked Intel i5 – 1500x for Gaming? + Overclock Difference

Ep3; Best CPU for Streaming? – RYZEN 1600x vs INTEL i5 – Streaming Shoot-Out

EP4; But Can The Cheaper RYZEN 1500x Do It Too? – Streaming Shoot-Out 2