WD FINALLY do an SSD… But How Much Faster IS IT?

Blunty checks out the new WD Blue SSD – it took them longer than I’d have guessed but WD FINALLY have SSD’s – so lets see how much faster they are versus the WD Blue HYBRID drives which ALSO have some SSD storage (sitting atop a mechanical HDD).

Lil’ Anvil Build video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5PzdrTK0o4

“With read speeds up to 545MB/s, write speeds up to 525MB/s and a massive 1TB capacity, WD Blue SATA SSDs deliver fast system boot times and less load time. With superior performance and leading-edge reliability, the WD Blue SSD offers digital storage that is optimised for multi-tasking and ready to keep up with your high performance computing needs. Backed by a 3 year limited WD warranty.” https://www.wdc.com/products/solid-state-drives/wd-blue-ssd.html

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