Can You Twitch Stream From a Budget Gaming PC?

what cpu do I need for streaming to twitch?”… now, “Common Knowledge” (AKA; People blindly repeating what they’ve ‘read on a forum’ somewhere, but have zero first-hand experience with) says you NEED a powerful, quad core, CPU like a high end i5 or better yet an i7 to cope with the processing requirements of Playing a game AND encoding a video, Streaming it to twitch… but… IS THAT TRUE?

Lets find out, but using a Budget based Gaming PC build, running a An i3 CPU and the most inexpensive current Nvidia GPU on the shelf, a GTX950 (Specifically a Skylake i3-6100, and a Gigabyte GTX950 OC Edition).

If you’re curious about the rest of the build, here’s a whole pile of videos about various aspects of it;
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Wanna stream?
Nvidia Geforce Share Beta
OBS, aka “Open Broadcaster Software”


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