Gaming PC build… or re-build as it were, and a mini ITX case review…
The thing with a “Steam Machine”, or just a living-room friendly PC, is size matters, so lets build a tiny, quiet Gaming PC as small as possible.

What was once “Triohazard”, a Monstrous & badass looking rig, now has to be crammed into one of the smallest PC cases around, at a mere 11.5 litres of volume, lets review the Silverstone SUGO SG13 while we’re at it…

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Silverstone Sugo SG13 product page;
“At only 11.5 litres in size, it has suitably small statue for easily integrating into numerous computing environments and will comfortably fit many standard components for general purpose or office builds. For enthusiasts and in keeping with Sugo series’ famed tradition, the SG13’s ability to fit 10.5” long expansion card, standard ATX power supply, and all-in-one liquid cooler in 120mm or 140mm size will help produce amazingly small and powerful systems.”
222mm (W) x 181 mm (H) x 285 mm (D) 11.5 liters

And for comparison, here’s the Silverstone Raven RVZ01 (the “VCR” / console style case) that several off-the-shelf steam machines come built in;
382mm (W) x 105mm (H) x 350mm (D), 14 liters