FAN MEET-UP, “NFan event” for PC Gamers & GeForce Geeks…

nfan, fan meet-up? Pizza, Cookies AND “food”?… I’M IN! (But also, imma want beer…) “Hello, GeForce lovers! We are hosting our first NFan event at The Nerd Cave in Sydney and are excited to invite you to check out the latest in NVIDIA GeForce technology, gaming and get a sneak peek into the future.
We will have games, food, cookies, pizza and a huge range of prizes.
It’s going to be awesome!
Claim yourself to be a GeForce lover? Want to learn more about what you can get from becoming a so-called NFan? Then complete this form, choose which session you can attend (Yes only one session per person!) and we will hand pick 100 of the most-engaged fans respectively for each session. Limited time only!”

New Zealand event;