YouTuber’s Delight, “Geforce Experience” BETA Early Access

Blunty Previews the GeForce Experience Early Access Share Beta … & You can try it yourself;

“The GeForce Experience Early Access Beta will give gamers early access to new GeForce Experience Share features ahead of general public release.
The goal is simple – we’d like to give gamers a chance to try out our upcoming software and provide feedback so we can build amazing products and get it to everyone quickly.
Share Every Win Since the initial release of ShadowPlay, gamers have asked us for an easier way to access the feature in-game. We are now releasing a new in-game overlay that lets you quickly access Recording and Twitch Broadcast features.

In addition, gamers can now save and upload directly to YouTube from within the game through the new Share overlay by selecting the Upload option. Trim and title the video and send it right to YouTube. There is even a Gallery option to view and upload recently captured video.

GameStream Co-op This release also brings a cool new feature called GameStream Co-op that lets you stream your game over the Internet to a friend and play together cooperatively – just as if your friend was sitting in the chair next to you. Using Gamestream Co-op, you can now get help on a tough level, play in co-op mode, or just do a real-time 1:1 live stream with your friend. It’s fast, fun, and a whole new way to enjoy PC games”