Which is Best? GoPro VS Mobius VS Xiaomi Yi – ACTION CAM TRIPLE SHOOTOUT!

Action-cam Triple Shootout, GoPro (hero 3+ Black) VS Mobius Action Cam (version 3, with wide angle “C” lens) and the hotly anticipated Xiaomi Yi! Thanks to Banggood for the xiaomi yi to test 

See my original review & Xiaomi test footage here; Xiaomi Yi Action Cam – Review & Sample Footage – LOOKOUT GOPRO!” 

All cameras were shot simultaneously, mounted to the same rig to ensure they all got the same amount of hand-held shake, all were set to 1080p 25fps (the default setting for all) and white balance was left at the default of auto. Every care was taken to keep the ‘playing field’ as fair an even as possible.

Music by Teknoaxe