007 SPY Camera Drone – Review – DM007 Quadcopter

The DM007, aka “007Spy”, or Nighthawk, a camera equipped quadcopter, and Gearbest sent one to Blunty for review, and it looks like a gorram CYLON RAIDER!… so lets find out if it’s any good…

“Excellent beginners quadcopter, or for experienced explorers. 360° Flips including left, right, front flips, back flips. Precise hovering capabilities with the latest 6-Axis adjustable gyroscope technology, with failsafe headless mode. 4Gb MiniSD memory card included with removable On-Board 2MP video camera for a recorded first person view of your flying. RC switch while in flight to start video recording or photo capture. 2.4Ghz spread spectrum technology remote controller with 100-150 meters range for further flying and the best anti-interference ability. Fast and easy for anyone to fly. Crabbing left & right, flips , and 360 degree turning and rolling, super easy to land. Quadcopters are good starters and easier to fly than a RC Helicopter”