“Hexama” Smartphone / Game Stand – Sweet Kickstarter Finds

The bloke behind the “Hexama – pocket-sized Smartphone Stand”, currently on Kickstarter sent me some prototypes to test & review, so I did… and they’re pretty sweet!


Full disclosure… I’m not part of the kickstarter project in any way, I’m not getting any kickbacks or payments of any kind, I’m just doing this because the dude sent me some prototypes to test and give some feedback on, and I liked the product he’s come up with, and I honestly think it’s worth sharing and hopefully, helping it get funded so it becomes a “real thing” people can buy.

(and I’d bet you’ll see the Hexama again in future videos of mine, holding up smartphones and game devices while I do reviews of apps or games or something ;) SO DAMN HANDY to be able to so easily lock it down AND adjust the position for the best camera angle, no other stand I have tried makes it this easy!)

maybe I’ll make this “Sweet Kickstarter finds” an ongoing series… seems like a neat idea yeah?