GAME OF THRONES Exhibition – Video Tour – Sydney #GOTExhibit

Blunty’s video tour through the Game of Thrones exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, this is the exhibition’s ONLY Australian stop on its international trek, so if you’re in Sydney and didn’t know, it’s on from July 1-5 …. HURRY!… but if not, My camera and I are here to help you.

Featuring over 100 props, models & artefacts from Game of Thrones first 4 seasons, including costumes, dresses & armour. Dragon models, swords, daggers, helmets, and yes, THAT crossbow. And an Oculus rift experience of a 360-degree panoramic view over Castle Black.

Thanks to Trey Ratcliff, Google+ and, i suppose, those Aussie hating mongrels at HBO, I, and a fistfull of other local Aussie photographers, got early access for the #GOTexhibit show, so everyone from the “general public” who’d been lining up since dawn, and to those at the end of the line with up to a 5 hour wait to get in, was pretty grumpy at us.

(Sorry about that line-people, but hey, You’d have taken the opportunity if you’d been given it too eh? ;) )

All the King’s Men by TeknoAXE