Make a Working Camera out of Paper!

DIY Pinhole camera kit, Sharan STD-35e review.

“A 35mm Pinhole Camera Kit. The STD-35e is the DIY pinhole camera with an innovative light-tight clamshell design. Made in Japan by Sharan.

The camera body is made of durable, black paperboard (1mm thick). The film is advanced and rewound with plastic spools. The shutter slides smoothly up and down, meaning taking photographs is simple. The STD-35e now assembles in less than 1 hour without cutting or glue. Step-by-step illustrated instructions included. Finished size 4 1/4” W x 2 3/4” H x 1 1/4” D.

DIY Pinhole Camera and Sunprint Kit
“The Pinhole Camera Kit provides all the materials to make a fully functional camera, straight down to the film barrel. Pinhole cameras have no lens and use only a tiny hole large enough to let light expose the film behind it. Ah yes, an old timey experiment in aperture. No bits, bytes, or fancy equipment around here, just good old fashioned photo making. And just enough cunning craft power to make Martha swoon and your old photo teacher cry tears of joy.”