Film in 2K, on your iPhone! – UltraKam Review

UltraKam, an app that promises to allow your iPhone to leave behind 1080p and start kickin’ it at 2K resolution for recording video!

So let’s find out how it measures up in another Blunty Review.

Ultrakam is the first iOS app capable of recording “2K” resolution with a film-like 24p frame rate.”


UltraKam test footage filmed in h.264 iFrame 50Mb/s (~425 Mbit/s), 2K (2240 x 1672) @30fps

(the app can do 24fps, and 25fps, but I needed to use 30fps to match it up properly with the 1080p reference shots I was also taking with the default app).

Naturally, to get the best from the UltraKam sample footage here, you’ll be wanting to watch in the highest quality setting, on a device that can display it properly.

 “Record at 2K Film resolution and get 70% more pixels than HD. Capture timelapses up to twice the HD size and make Slow Motion all in this amazing app!.

Record video 70% more pixels than HD at 24fps 2240×1672*, capture high quality timelapses at 2592×1936* in any custom interval, and record up to 10X* slow motion videos, all this while easily switching between M-JPEG or H.264 iFrame codecs for an “uncompressed” footage experience. Bring your iPhone Filmmaking one step closer to High End.

Meet Ultrakam: The professional camera app. (Optimized for iPhone5S and iPhone5).”


-2K (2240×1672) with H.264 iFrame codec at 20,24,30fps.
-2K (1936×1446) with M-JPEG codec at 20,24,30fps.
-Up to 50MB/s video stream .
-Record full frames in M-JPEG at 100% quality.
-Capture all the color range at 4:2:0 Full range
-2CH Linear PCM Audio 44.1K in .CAF format

-2K (2592×1936) with M-JPEG or H.264 iFrame codec.
-Configure any custom 1 second interval up to 59:59
-Select playback speed from 6, 12, 24 and 30 fps.
-Shot and remaining time indicator.

Slow Motion
-Maximum available res of 1280×720 up to 120fps.
-Automatically convert to 12, 24 or 30fps to generate up to 10x slow motion effect
-Optionally record at the maximum speed for future processing.

White Balance, Focus & Exposure.
-Independent Focus and Exposure interest areas.
-Independent Focus and Exposure lock
-Automatic smooth rack-focus during recording.
-Familiar hold to adjust White Balance mode.