4 Great Tips for Gaffer Tape Emergencies!

Gaffer’s tape, invaluable in uncountable ways, some practical, some silly, some amazing as the Myhbusters have shown in their Duct-tape specials… But one thing I know for sure, you should NEVER travel without Gaff tape, so here’s 4 awesome tips for making sure you’re never caught without a gaffer based escape plan!

Gaffer tape, iPhone Sim ejector, key ring / zipper-fob inspired by;
Genius: Make a Gaffer’s Tape Key Fob” – Strobist.com
“a great way to carry enough gaff on your physical person at all times to fix a light mod, tack a piece of fabric to a wall for a headshot backdrop, hog-tie a captured smuggler or whatever. Get your MacGuyver on”