Not all CAT PHOTOS Are Equal – Photo challenge – DigiDIRECT TV Ep 058

This week on DDTV,  the “Animal Portraiture” photo-challenge entries reviewed, and launching the the next of our monthly Photo challenges,

To see who posted what in last months “Bottle” challenge and comment on, or just +1 your favourites;



The Photo challenge will run until the 18th February 2014 (A week longer than usual as I’ll be away on a trip) — winner to be announced in Episode 063 on the 19th.

This month’s theme is “Tracks” — style and general approach are completely up to you, but please, enter ONLY photos shot specifically for this Photo challenge — digging out old stuff from your archives is missing the whole point… and is lame.


We strongly suggest being brutally honest with yourself and culling it down to one or two of your best shots, a blanket “shotgun” approach of  multiple entries isn’t going to benefit you :)


Entry is open to all, whatever your skill level, or how fancy your gear is… the spirit here is exploring how the theme is interpreted, not necessarily how awesome your gear is.

Filters and minor edits (like contrast, saturation, white-balance, cropping etc). are fine — but do try to keep it “pure”, going nuts in advanced editors to ad or remove things from a photo is strongly discouraged…


Enter by posting your photo in the Google+ DigiDIRECT TV Photography community with the hash-tag; #DDTVpc15 — feel free to offer an explanation of the shot or your thoughts on why you did what you did with it.



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