Lumix GM1 vs Pentax Q7 – SHOOTOUT – World’s Smallest Mirrorless Cameras!

Blunty takes the new Panasonic Lumix GM1 shot for shot up against the equally tiny Pentax Q7 to see who wins the title of worlds best, smallest mirrorless system camera!

Q7 vs GM1… FIGHT!

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Note on testing procedure,

In short, I did all I could to ensure a fair and even playing field.

The GM1 and Q7 were as far as practical, set up identically, shot at the same (FF FOV equivalent) focal lengths, shot simultaneously in the the same conditions and shooting modes, with default standard picture profiles, and most often in Aperture priority mode, Auto ISO capped at ISO 1600 (my usual personal preference for shooting).

Manual white balance, and both were set to shoot in their best 1080p video mode, at 25fps.

Both cameras were mounted to the same rig so both cameras received the same amount of handheld shake etc.

Focus points were set at the same object and same point in frame.

All sample shots and video is straight out of camera, SOOC JPG’s were used, no extra processing, adjustments or filters applied.



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