Grape Flavoured “electronic Hookah” e-Cigarette vape pen!? WTF even?

Discovered a “nicotine free” e-cigarette today, called the “electronic Hookah”, it’s Grape flavoured (actually available in a variety of flavours), and promises a “safe” smoking experience free of Nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, toxins, nasty smells etc etc… it tastes like candy, and doesn’t deliver a Buzz… But seriously… WTF EVEN? WHY?

The one I got was on the front counter at a convenience store in Sydney CBD, and cost less than $12 for “up to 800 puffs”. (which I’d guess is about the same as a pack of normal smokes?)


What the makers of these things say;


Looking for the best possible smoking experience from an Electronic cigarette? Tired of bad tasting, limited flavors and nicotine choices? ELECTRONIC HOOKAH brand of Electronic Cigarettes combines the most advanced technology to provide the best possible smoking experience available from an Electronic Cigarette.Simulating the experience of smoking Hookah or Shisha, full flavored vapor with every puff. All combined in a sleek and stylish device that is small enough to put in your pocket and smoke anywhere.Enjoy the taste of a flavorful hookah where ever you go!

 Tobacco-free, nicotine-free hand-held disposable hookah that you can smoke anywhere. Measuring about the size of a ball point pen, Smooth Electronic-Hookahs live up to their name by producing smooth vapor that isn’t harsh on the throat.Unlike other Electronic Cigarettes, there is no button to press to activate the electronic vaporizer – simply inhale and enjoy the taste of tasty flavored vapor!”



  • Comes with a matching cover case.
  • No Tobacco
  • No Nicotine
  • No Tar
  • No Carbon Monoxide
  • No Harmful Toxins
  • No Odours.
  • No butt litter
  • Big Smoke Clouds and great flavour
  • Disposable
  • Up to 800 puffs.

The disposable electronic e-hookah is fashion, portable design. It can be used as an alternative choice for smoking cigarette. With it, you can smoke in a healthier way and without secondhand smoke to other people around you and no pollution to the environment. It will make your smoking be harmless to yourself and family.”