No Tangle, No Dangle, Go Strapless! – DigiDIRECT TV Ep 042

This week on DDTV, from Blunty’s Adventures at “The digital Show“, taking a look at the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System

The Clip System is comprised of two pieces-a Clip and quick-release plate. The Clip can be attached to any strap, backpack strap, climbing harness, baby carrier or even your belt. Depending on your shooting preference, you can attach the system so it rests on your chest, hip or side.

To attach the system, unscrew the two coupling knobs on the Clip, fit the Clip under your strap or belt and tighten it down. The quick-release plate screws in to the tripod socket of your camera using an easy-to-use D-ring twist lock. Once the two pieces are attached, all you need to do is slip the camera into the Clip where it is securely held. It’s a kind of lightweight holster that lets your camera safely hang from the strap, ready to unhook with the quick-release button when you need to shoot. If you’re wearing a backpack with sternum strap, you can attach the strap across your camera for extra balance and stability.

The plate slides in 2 directions for ease of mounting. You can twist the plate horizontally or vertically to suit your preference. In the horizontal position, you can easily change lenses without removing the camera from the Clip. There is a twist lock for theft protection and added security when your camera is mounted to the Clip.

The unit is made from anodized weatherproof aluminum and weighs only 5.2 oz so it won’t add much bulk to your load. If you prefer, don’t use the Clip but only the plate that’s attached to your camera to mount to a compatible tripod head equipped with a quick-release system.

This type of system eliminates the need for carrying a separate camera strap. Attach the Clip to one of your backpack straps and, with the camera mounted in the Clip, it will be held firmly at chest level ready to unhook with a simple pull. This system will also work with a hand strap by simply using the quick-release plate since there is a slot to attach the hand strap to the plate. The Clip is just as easy to remove when you’re finished shooting for the day. The Capture Camera Clip System comes with a lifetime warranty from Peak Design.


Key Features

– Fits Most Manfrotto RC2 and Arca Tripods

– Attaches to Your Belt, Backpack Strap

– Two-Piece System/Clip with Quick-Release

– Works with All Types of Cameras

– Slides in 2 Directions

– Allows Rapid Lens Change

– Quick-Release Locking System

– Can Work With a Hand Strap

– Twist Lock for Theft Protection

– Weatherproof Aluminum Composition



Material: Anodized aluminum, Injection molded twist-resistant rubber pads

Dimensions – Clip size: 10.2 x 5.1 cm

Weight: 147.4 g


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