Penny Arcade Q&A – MEDIA ONLY session PAX Australia 2013 – PAXAUS Panel

From PAXAUS, the first PAX in Australia, and first one outside of the USA, here’s the Media only Q&A with Penny Arcade founders Mike Krahulik and 
Jerry Holkins

Held at 9am on Sunday morning (presumably to keep the press from getting too hammered on Saturday night and missing Sunday morning… or to PUNISH those who do ;) )
Many more vids on and about PAXAUS to come… but I figured as this is something “joe public” didn’t get to see, I’d share this one first. #NiceGuyBunty ;)
Sorry for the missing video for the first five minutes, I am an idiot who forgot to trigger the camera *sigh* … there is full video for the rest though.
The video is also not that great (if you’re picky about it) the lights were quite dim so I had to crank up the sensitivity of the camera which lead to noise… but hey, it’s just a Q&A Panel, the video isn’t all that vital ;) but it is nice to at least see Mike and Jerry while they talk)