Gaming Laptops & LIQUID NITROGEN COOLING! – Gigabyte Ultrablade @ PAXAUS

Blunty in his travels at PAX Aus chats with the folks at GIGABYTE about their nifty new Ultrablade Gaming Laptops and watches the crazy dudes who cool their gaming rigs with Liquid Nitrogenfans and water cooling? PHHT! Child’s play, REAL Ovcerclockers pour hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of LN2 to supercool their extreme overclock Rigs ;)

“Ultrablade Gaming Laptops P35K/ P34G – Slim yet Extremely Powerful 

P35K – The 15.6-inch P35K Ultrablade with the latest 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor is designed for true mobility. Just 21mm thin and weighing ~2.2kgs, packed with a powerful GTX765M gaming graphics this machine is geared for gamers and 3D designers alike. Having unlimited storage capacity with a quad-storage system that supports up to 3TB of space to store all your files and stuff, the storage provides ample Terabytes! Enjoy DVDs on your Ultrablade with the swappable DVD-ROM/HDD Slot on a 1080p FHD IPS display providing the perfect viewing pleasure for users. The P35K from GIGABYTE is its most stunning gaming laptop ever.

P34G – Gorgeous on the outside and inside, the 14-inch P34G Ultrablade with a GTX 760M gaming graphics weighs ~1.7 kgs and at 21mm thin is designed for users looking for extreme mobility yet packing a powerful punch. Thin and powerful it supports up to a 256GB mSATA SSD and a large 1TB HDD in its incredibly slim and lightweight chassis. Enjoy 1080p Full HD display that makes for excellent viewing pleasure, coupled with flagship gaming specifications; the P34G is perfect for gamers, university students, designers and businesspeople yearning for entertainment and mobility. The P34G Ultrablade marks GIGABYTE’s first foray into the 14-inch gaming laptop.”