Video Gear You Want – VF-4 LCD View Finder Review

Blunty Reviews the CarrySpeed VF-4 Universal LCD View Finder, and tests it on every camera he can get his hands on… DSLR’s like the Canon, 60D, Micro four thirds Olympus E-P3, Sony NEX, Nikon V1, Pentax Q, Pentax MX-1, Sony RX100 and even an iPhone 5…

 The new Carry Speed VF-4 3.2″ LCD video viewfinder is an upgraded version of the popular VF-3 LCD View Finder

The new VF-4 LCD View Finder is used to magnify the image on your Live View LCD to achieve more accurate focus, color, and exposure especially when operating under bright outdoor lighting. When using our VF-4 view finder the large eye-cup will instantly add stability to hand held video shots. (eyecup can be used for left or right eye).”

VF-4 from CarrySpeed;

Carry Speed’s 3x magnifying loupe uses high-quality glass optics with a built in diopter to adjust screen focus for those with less than perfect vision. When not in use, the entire loupe can be used as a normal sunshade or detached completely using the baseplate quick release system.



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  1. Would you recommend the VF-4 for wildlife photography?

    That’s the Carry Speed VF-4 and not the Olympus VF-4. When the committee for conspiracy theories met why didn’t someone spot the clash?

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