Lensbaby Spark Review – Cheap Lensbaby Fun – DigiDIRECT TV Ep 029

In this episode of DDTV blunty reviews the Lensbaby Spark.

“The Lensbaby Spark 50mm f/5.6 Selective Focus Lens is is an affordable, perfect entry level into the Lensbaby world and will set you on your way to experimental, creative and stunning selective focus photography”

Lensbaby Spark – Canon EF

Lensbaby Spark – Nikon F

“The Lensbaby Spark tilting lens body and selective focus optic makes images with a rounded area of focus with one “sweet” spot of ultra sharp focus surrounded by a gradually more and more blurred out-of-focus zone. The effect of this lens creates a dreamy feel with a unique sense of beauty that allows the viewer to really embrace the in-focus aspect of the photo, whether it be a person’s eyes or hands or a flower’s petal, and then to sense the gorgeously out-of-focus or dynamically motion-blurred background. “

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