Sydney by Golden Mist — STRESS-BREAKER!

Filmed on the first foggy morning of the season in Sydney, using a Nikon V1 camera with adapted c-mount CCTV lenses (25mm f/1.4 & 50mm f/1.4).

I needed a bit of a stress breaker, and for me one of the most effective ways to calm my mind and body is to go for a slow wander with a camera and just shoot “for me”… no review testing, no brief, no plan, just me a camera (preferably with a manual lens to force me to slow down even more) and I shoot whatever seems like it should be shot… just let creativity flow like a slow river.

On this occasion I was using my Nikon V1 camera with a lens mount adapter to use c-mount CCTV fully-manual lenses. The video I shot was done so in the 720 60p setting to allow me to slow down the movement even more.