The story of my new, old camera…

Asahi Pentax K1000 SCORE… I finally found a Asahi Pentax K-1000 (Japanese made complete with the AHOC logo carved into the penatprism, indicating its Japanese heratige, not the more pastic filled Chinese model which lacks the Asahi branding) in good cosmetic condition AND in good working order! Been on the hunt for a good example of this beasite for a while
I now finally own the camera I learned “proper photography” with in college! …

Pentax K1000 made in Japan

According to the serial number, mine seems likely to have been from the second production run, built somewhere between 1978 – 1982… which means it’s likely the same age as me, which is neat.

Pentax Asahi K1000

My only slight letdown is that the focussing screen is the micro-prism type not the much easier and accurate split-image type. Oh well.

Sydney Camera Market

And I came across it by pure chance, I was on a wander and saw a poster for the Sydney Camera Market, a thing that happens every now and again (and which I’d only just learned even existed recently) So along I trotted, and BAM, didn’t take me too long to find a few examples of K1000’s, some more beat-up than others, and then I found MINE :)

It had a Asahi 50mm f/2 SMC Pentax-M lens on it (which needs a clean, but seems otherwise optically fine, and the focus & aperture rings feel as solid and smooth as the say they were built.

$100 for the body and lens… a fair price I’d say. Especially considering the unusually tidy condition of the body, only a couple small marks…. I’d bet this one wasn’t one of the thousands used in schools ;)

K1000 winder

Then I saw a 28mm f/2.8 Japanese made “formula 5” branded lens, I wanted a wide angle for the K-1000… and for $10 how could I say no?

Pentax ME


I also picked up a faulty, but cosmetically reasonable Pentax ME for $10, which I hope to turn into a lamp (the light source will be out the lens ;) )Pentax ME It has a lovely old, but very well made, Pentax Asahi strap on it which shows wear of years of use but still holding strong… think I’ll move it to the K1000.

All in all, it was a very good morning for this Camera-nerd :D

Pentax K1000 and Pentax ME