Film Photography SUCKS… but is Awesome anyway – What’s your Camera-Story?

Blunty tells his Camera story, the personal history of his photographic journey, from Film photography to digital, after finally scoring a classic Japanese made Asahi Pentax K-1000 SLR in good cosmetic condition AND in good working order, The Film SLR that taught generations of people how to shoot film, and how to be a photographer, the camera Blunty himself learned “proper photography” on.

Read the story of how Blunty found his new, old camera here (plus the bonus Pentax MX;

See the Scanned photos in my Google+ galleries here;

1 thought on “Film Photography SUCKS… but is Awesome anyway – What’s your Camera-Story?”

  1. Actually, I’ve been trying to avoid photography as much as possible, due to my father’s heavy documenting of every insignificant step of the family’s life. It wasn’t until I was doing my Master’s thesis in the UK that I realised that I needed to document the environment better. I nicked my father’s Canon Powershot A560 and snapped away. After a while a friend who’s an art historian, complimented on my photos. One year later I bought a Nikon D90, and now I’m saving up money to emigrate to Germany and start up a photography business.

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