Xperia Z Vs iPhone 5 – SHOOTOUT – Which is Best?

Sony Xperia Z Vs iPhone5 in a shot for shot camera shootout – which is best?

Sony Xperia Z is hitting shelves and pockets right now, it’s packing Sony’s new 13 megapixel fast-capture camera and the next-generation Sony Exmor RS, 1080p capable, HDR image sensor…

I just got his hands on one so it’s time to put it up against the standard unit of measure for Camera-phones, the iPhone 5.
Xperia Z reviewed against iPhone5 in a shot for shot video shootout test, lets find out which is better.

1 thought on “Xperia Z Vs iPhone 5 – SHOOTOUT – Which is Best?”

  1. I think the night shots Sony Xperia Z won hands down. During the day it was tougher. I think iPhone had better image, but it was not as obvious. The HDR functionality in the Xperia Z cannot be on all the time since in some cases it makes the result worse. I think that should be mentioned.

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