Wii U Review – Part 5 – LAUNCH GAMES

WiiU Review – a full on Wii U review, end-user breakdown by Blunty.
This time, Blunty’s Launch Game selection.

(Yes, I know I derp’d and kept calling Darksiders IIDark souls 2“, not my fault, Dark souls 2 has been on all the gameblogs this week, it infected my brain ;) )

Having first brought you a First impressions WiiU hands-on review, NOW it’s time for Blunty to tell you all about what the shiny new Nintendo Wii U is like to own, live with, use and game on after ~2 weeks with his Nintendo WiiU

In part 1 – The hardware, the console, the pad, the controls the lot…

in part 2 – The Wii U Pro controller

in Part 3 – The user interface and online community, or MiiVerse experience.

In Part 4 – The Wii U backwards compatibility with Wii Games.

And here in Part 5 – The games, as Blunty snaps apart the fist-full of launch games he’s been playing.

& If you missed it;
Wii U Review – First impressions Hands-on – Youtube.com/watch?v=C2jSe7WMtXo