TRYGGER & ROKSHIELD, 2 unique iPhone cases with silly names – review

Blunty reviews two unique iPhone cases – the Polarising lens filter packing TRYGGER and the adaptable & tough, RokShield V3 from Rokform

The Trygger Camera Case is easy to use, the photographer sets the filter into position, adjusts the filter dial, and shoots. The filter corrects for lighting challenges that include reflection, glare and hazy skies. These fixes can only be done easily through the use of Trygger’s Camera Case with a polarizing filter and are not possible with software manipulation after…
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Rokshield v3 iPhone5 Case

Protect your new iPhone 5 with more function and style than any other case on the market. Introducing the Rokform RokShield v3 mountable and protective iPhone 5 case. Available in 6 great colors.

The RokShield v3 offers 2 cases in one; just remove the outer bumper for a super slim protective case. This new case is packed with more features and protection than ever before:
• Shock absorbing rubber outer bumper :: Rokshield
• High impact polycarbonate frame :: v3
• Integrated anti-slip grip
• Injection molded polycarbonate frame :: v3
• Elastomer rubber protective outer bumper :: Rokshield
• Thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip insert
• Remote Mounting System (RMS), mount most anywhere
• Magnetic mounting allows you to attach to any magnetic surface.
• Rokgard screen protector

Accessories made exclusively for the iPhone 5 RokShield v3:
• Bike mount – Now the latest cycling Aps can be at your fingertips.
• Golf Shooter – Improve your game just like the pros.
• RokMeister – It’s a sport clip that also opens your favorite beverage.
• Tripod Adapter – Capture the best moments with your iPhone 5.