SONY ActionCam Unboxing… GO PRO killer? We’ll see…

The new Action Cam from Sony a point-of-view wide angle, Sports HD Video Camera with built in Wi-Fi, 1080p & 720P/60FPS/120FPS super slow-mo. In this pre review, preview Unboxing Blunty goes through all the accessories, both included and optional available at launch in Australia, and a brief tour of the hardware

The HX20 review;…

The video where I tried to set fire to sony’s “tough camera” the TX5 – amongst other abuses……

2 thoughts on “SONY ActionCam Unboxing… GO PRO killer? We’ll see…”

  1. Try using it under very low temperature. For example, put it into a freezer for several hours (maybe for a night) and then start using it. Or maybe you’ll come up with a better idea how to lower its temperature. It’d be very useful for skiers, which i am )

  2. Thanks for the detailed unboxing. I was seriously considering getting one.. but have a request to test: and no it’s not some extreme weather condition / tough mudder test.

    Is there a way to keep the camera charged and shoot time lapse.. I’m thinking there might be a flaw in having the charging points at the bottom where the mounting points are thereby not allowing access to them.

    example: with the goPro and the skeleton mount you can get access to the charging point and keep the camera on as long as you want whilst shooting time lapse..


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