MAG II Gun Controller, hands-on at #EBexpo

Blunty’s EBexpo breakdown continues. Today, a look at the MAG II Gun Controller a high precision motion controlled FPS gun controller – with full light-gun compatiability, Compatible with all shooting games for PS3 & PC.

Australian Release date: 2/11/2012

The MAG II Gun uses the 2.4Ghz wireless spectrum to connect to your PS3 or PC via the MAG Cube dongle.

* Full Functionality of Official Controllers The MAG II Gun uses intelligent programming to map the default controller setting of each game to the corresponding action buttons on the MAG II Gun. This function is fully compatible with all shooting games on PS3 and PC.

* Two powerful vibration motors deliver true feedback for PS3 games. Vibration functionality has also been included for PC gameplay.

* On the Fly Calibration Function.The MAG II Gun is fully compatible with all screen types and sizes. Calibration can be completed in seconds without interrupting gameplay by use of the unique Mark button.

* The MAG II Gun features a set of pre-programmed functions that can be accessed via the Functionality Switch on the body of the Gun. These functions include pre-defined sensitivity adjustments that are compatible with all games as well as special macro functions that are game specific and can be updated and mapped via the Firmware Upgrade Function.

Support the latest version of all FPS games, including Call of Duty , Gears of War, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Halo, Crysis, etc.
Innovative new positioning technology
Free from mouse and keyboard restriction, real shooting posture increase opportunities to win
Perfectly match 3D scene, motion instructions make it so real as if you’re actually in the battlefield
Support PC, XBOX 360 and PS3, free from restriction of mouse/keyboard and controllers
2.4GHz wireless communication, smooth response without time delay
16? buttons plus multi-direction rocker handle can meet operational requirements of any game
Support all light gun games, no auxiliary equipment needed
Compatible with all operation systems (Windows2000、Windows XP,、Vista、Linux、Mac)
Compatible with all display (LCD monitor & TV, plasma TV, HDTV and projector)
Plug and play, no driver needed
Self-alignment, shoot more fast and accurately
Auto-loading to provide continuous fire
No infrared dot on the screen or strong light disturbing
Long distance detection of the mouse and move sync in 3D environment
No need LED bar receiver installation next to the screen
No need screen size calibration