CAMERA STABILIZER Shoot-Out – DNA 5050 vs SYL-3000

Blunty puts the inexpensive up against the Pro gear in this breakdown of the two main types of Camera Stabiliser you’ll see out there.
Meet the Glide Gear DNA 5050 and the Glide Gear SYL-3000


• Dimensions: 13″ x 9″ x .5″
• Weight: 14oz – 0.9lbs (without counter weights)
• Each counter weight disc 0.6oz (large)
• Each counter weight disc 0.25oz (Small)
• The Steady Stabilizer includes 20 Large discs and 4 Small discs
• Total weights ~ 14oz
• Camera plate can slide adjust 2″
• Non-rust stainless steel and aluminium parts
• No assembly required


• Engineered for a very large range of compact cameras to full size rigs from 2-7 lbs
• Dimensions of head: 8.75″x5″x1″
• Sled base platform dims: 11.5″x4″ (shortest) or 15″x4″ (longest)
• Center post 1″ diameter
• Shortest height 20″, Tallest height 28″
• Weight: 3.2lbs without counterweights
• 12pc counterweights (.272lbs/each) included (3.264lbs total)
• Camera mounting plate has 1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting holes
• Optional LCD monitor attachment on base plate (1/4″ hole)