1-INCH PUNCH – SONY RX100 vs NIKON V1 – Video Shoot-out

Sony Rx100, the new flagship pocketable point & shoot compact from Sony, that many are praising as “DSLR Quality“, and I’m putting it up against the Nikon 1 system camera, the Nikon V1

Why? Well, they both have a 1-inch imaging sensor chips inside, and they both are landmark concepts in their respective categories. Inch by inch, shot by shot.

As usual for this type of vid; I STRONGLY recommend the 1080p mode & full-screen viewing (or best possible settings for whatever you’re watching on)

Yes there’s a full RX100 review coming soon, watch for it. – The Music is just come stitch-job I bolted up in GarageBand.

This shootout was conduced in video mode, Aperture priority – sometimes matching aperture setting, sometimes taking advantage of the significantly faster lens on the SONY to demonstrate the difference.
The Nikon V1 was used with the Kit Nikon 1 Nikkor VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 lens which provided a very close match to the focal length & zoom range of the SONY RX100’s 10.4-37.1mm f/1.8-f/4.9

Both set to record 1080P (The SONY at 50P & the Nikon V1 at 30P (there was no 1080HD framerate matched setting between cameras – this has led to the Nikon footage being slightly choppier than it actually is when played in a native framerate timeline – but the image quality comparison is still valid).
Using the Default picture profiles on each Camera, ISO set to Auto – but capped at ISO3200 on both, and Focus either in C-AF or Manual mode.
The cameras were recording each scene simultaneously, mounted to the same Bar (used on and off tripod) Built in image stabilisation was turned on in both cameras.

What do you think? … perhaps the Nikon V1 would fare better if & when it gets some faster glass? Does Size matter ,or do the interchangeable lenses offer a more flexible system? …

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  1. Hey Blunty

    Nice real world comparison there. The Sony seems to be doing better with the detail resolved and the IS appeared to be smoother to my eyes. So the Sony appears to be a good video machine. When you do the review I’d be interested in what the focusing speed in single shot and CAF is because this should be an area where the Nikon is very strong.

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