$*&%ing COINS – UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP New Super Mario Bros. 2 @ E3 2012

Unnecessary Censorship in New Super Mario Bros. 2 from Nintendo E3’s 3DS Software showcase

E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. 2 gets unnecessarily censored by Blunty for shits & giggles :D

Yes, I know how juvenile this is… but the idea occurred to me as I was watching the New Super Mario Bros. 2 part of Nintendo’s E3 3DS Showcase… they said “coinsSO MANY TIMES it lost all meaning to me, and I kinda had to make this “Unnecessary Censorship” video just to get the gag out of my system. I started just Censoring “coins“, but more parts kept making me LOL as I beeped them so I threw some bonus censor beeps in there.

Dunno about you, but it makes me LOL harder and harder the longer it goes on X’D