How to Install ANDROID on iPAD, (Or iPhone, or iPod Touch)

How to install Android on iPad.
For years now this phrase & a number of variations of it have ranked at the top of the search terms in the statistics of as people wonder “Can I install Android on my iPad”, trying to figure out of someone else has figured out the secret to “installing Android on the iPad”
And I’ve gotta ask… WHY? Why would you WANT to do it?

Same goes for Installing android on the iPhone too, or people wanting to install Android on an iPod touch… hey, don’t you hate it when people call it the “iTouch”? That shits me.

Original article “How to install Android on the iPad (And iPad 2)

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  1. Sure, if you want to buy a new tablet, it makes sense to go and buy and android tablet, but what about if you have an old iPad lying around, that is just collecting dust and you want to breathe new life into. Maybe because it will seem shiny and new you might start using again

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