3 Handy Smartphone Stands; Podprop, Tiltpod & Capta Review + Free Give-away

Reviewing three handy smartphone stands & one’s even an Smartphone a tripod adapter for iPhone Android phones any smartphone really, and two the smart-phone stands were also successful Kick-starter projects.

Podprop, Tildpod & Capta Review;

Podprop; Soft Smartphone Stand iPhone / Universal

Capta is a hybrid accessory for smartphones that combines the features of a tripod mount, a phone stand, and a cable management system into a simple elegant design small enough to carry everywhere you go.

Capta & Tiltpod Provided by

View my review of the SlingShot here; http://youtu.be/2oJ5yMOcY_c

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  1. I use my old pal Sony Ericsson Vivaz. It’s 3 years old but i’m always very careful with my gadgets so i don’t want a new one until my Vivaz is completely broken. It has a crappy 8mp camera and regularly picture is not very good but i use some software magic which makes the camera not so crappy.
    And as I told before in some other comment, I don’t do photography in a professional way, so i’m completely happy with the phone. I mostly use it to communicate with people (calls, skype, internet and so on).

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