BORED ON A PLANE (So I made a vignette movie on my iPhone)

Something a little different until I can get back on schedule with “normal” vids.
Just been on an interstate trip to Melbourne for “The Digital Show” Camera / Photography / videography industry convention expo thingy…

Ran out of fresh podcasts in the plane ride home to Sydney so started shooting little details around me with my iPhone (and olloclip iPhone wide angle, macro & fisheye lens which I gave a quick review on here )

Started editing them into a little vignette movie, of “cattle class” plane travel, while still on the plane using iMovie on the iPad  (footage transferred from the iPhone using the camera connection kit) ….  and I also polished it up a bit in FCPX on the MacBook Air when I got home.

It’s quick and dirty, but it kept me busy, occupied, not bored and I kinda like how it came out. :)