Wanna see what Android was like before the iPhone scared the SHIT out of the Android developers & the photocopiers were warmed up? ;)

2007’s pre-M3 version of Android; the Google Sooner
“When Google first showed off Android, they showed it running on a device very similar to Blackberries or Nokia E-class devices of the time. This device was the Google Sooner – an OMAP850 device built by HTC, with no touchscreen or WiFi. This was the Android reference device, the device they originally built the OS on.
Recently, I got access to a Google Sooner running a very early version of Android… The build of Android this is running was built on May 15th 2007 – four months after the iPhone was announced; the first M3 version of Android was announced in November 2007, and Android 1.0 didn’t come ’till a year later….”