YOUR VIDS LOOK LIKE CRUD? FIX IT with Rotolight Interview Lighting kit – Review

The Rotolight Interview lighting kit is an LED ringlight lighting kit made up of two ring lights, Lee filters and a flexible mounting system. The lights can mount on a shotgun mic on your videocamera or DSLR (HDSLR) on the hotshoe mount, or mounted on a tripod, monopod or lightstand. Simple, efficient and flexible… but are they any good? Lets find out…


Bright – 48 ultra bright Grade-A LEDs
80 Watt Output
140 Degree Beam Angle for naturally soft, shadowless light Accurate – 6300K, 5600K, 4300K and 3200K operation
Dimmable over 1.5 stops
Battery Life : 4 Hours (Li-Ion)
Powered by 3 x AA batteries
Fast – deployable under 2 seconds
Convenient – shoot non-stop for 4 hours
Light – weighs less that 5oz
Versatile – weather resistant
Includes LEE Filter Gel Kit


Mounting: Shotgun Mic Mounted (38mm universal aperture ensures fitting on most standard shotgun mics) or, when used with the Rotolight Stand, can be mounted in a tripod, lighting stud or hotshoe.
CTO Filters: Lee 205, 223, 285
ND/Dif Filters: 298, 209, 216
Colour Temperature: Variable over 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6300K
Hot Light Equivalent: 80W
Power: 3 x AA Batteries
Weight: 5oz / 141g
Size: 138mm (Outer Diameter) / 38mm (Inner Diameter)