Nikon FT1 review unit initial testing…


Just got a Nikon FT1 adapter in for review, (it allows the use of Nikon F-mount DSLR lenses on the mirrorless Nikon V1 & J1 cameras) I’m already having fun with a 50mm F/1.8G Nikkor lens… can’t wait to go out and shoot some video through it.

This adapter VASTLY expands the lens choices for Nikon 1 owners, and of course, shallow DOF previously unattainable with the currently available Nikon 1 system lenses is now my play thing.

The kind folks who distribute Sigma glass here in Aus are also sending me a couple F-mount lenses to test with the adapter too, should prove very interesting in expanding the capabilities of the already surprising performance of my Nikon V1

Very first test shot; (this is one of my best justifications for buying all these little figures.. ‘camera testing ;) )