Hotel View Timecrunch — Sydney time-lapse Photography

A timelapse project is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now, but it was always a matter of having the time, for such a time intensive shoot, and having the right view, and hauling the equipment etc etc etc… But now, with five cameras, 48 hours and two Sydney hotel rooms, I finally had a chance to experiment.

Not everything came out quite as I’d hoped, but I’m VERY happy with some of the shots… Not too bad for my first time doing a project of this nature, and scale, I think.
I’m looking forward to doing future time-lapse projects now that I’ve started to iron out what equipment does what best, at what settings, what lenses etc.
I’ve always loved how time lapse photography compresses time, lets us see the world whizz by, see movements we usually don’t notice. Same goes for high-speed video really, I’m gonna play with that too someday ;)

The cameras used here were a Canon 60D, An Olympus E-P3 (both require an external intervalometer accessory to do this work), a Nikon V1, a Pentax Q, (which both have built in time-lapse intervalometers) and an iPhone 4 (there are many apps to do this the one I used was “TimeLapse”.

The music was a track called FireFly by one of my oldest friends, Ian Murtagh;

I also figured it would be nice to get this video up on January 26th, Australia Day, considering the subject matter is Australia’s biggest and most famous city.

Thanks for watching.