3DS Video test – Rainy Sydney Music – “It’ll be Alright”

Further testing the 3DS Video functionality introduced with the new firmware, this time outside… it wasn’t the bright sunny sydney day I’d hoped for, but the dreary damp day has its own charm… I suppose…

Edited in FCPX and all shots were tweaked slightly to give them a bit more saturation and contrast and “crush the blacks” a bit… but really there’s only so far you can polish the washed out and generally grainy low-res footage the 3DS gets… but still, I think this video is proof that it’ll get the job done without being too “dig your eyes out” ugly… right?

The music is
“It’ll Be Alright”, Written by my mate Ian Murtagh, performed by him and his old, and now defunct band, “Billy Goats Gruff” recorded live in a pub in Hobart Tasmania in 2008
Occasionally he remembers he has a youtube channel… Youtube.com/finnaddict