Shanghai by Motorcycle – Timelapse

While I was in Shanghai china recently on my tour to see the Nikon camera factory and put the brand new Nikon1 system camera the V1 though its paces, the Nikon folks had arranged for an hour long tour of the city from the back of a Motorcycle

(well, in a side car anyway which is pretty lame if you’re quite capable and licensed to ride a motorcycle yourself… not that I was brave enough to try it in the insanity of Shanghainese traffic… I’d have quite clearly been killedto death.… but at least a side-car is better than having to ride “bitch” ;P)

The Bike I originally mounted up had it’s gear box explode rather violently and noisily, so I had to switch bikes part way into the tour (the 15 minutes of sitting in a broken bike has been cut out)

It was fantastic, and beautiful, (and occasionally smelly – Shanghai isn’t exactly known for being a clean green city low on pollution) but another unforgettable memory from my Trip to China.