“I’m Bored, Show me your penis” – Slutfire and the outlaws

slutfireI enjoyed the “NEW 52” reboot title “Red Hood And The Outlaws”, Mainly because I think Roy and Jason have some great potential for some very entertaining back and fourth… and in fact remind me of things familiar from my own interactions with a couple of my mates…

However, What Scott Lobdell has done with Starfire has, to put it simply, really fucking pissed off quite a lot of readers and Starfire fans.

She has become little more than an emotionally lobotomized fuck machine willing to wriggle onto on the nearest cock simply because she’s bored,

I feel very sorry indeed for any younger fans whose first experience of Starfire was the joyful and innocent driven by loyalty and love as portrayed in the “Teen Titans” cartoon from a few years back; as rather eloquently summarized in this “ShortPacked” webcomic; http://www.shortpacked.com/2011/comic/book-13/04-remedial-adulthood/math/




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