Best. Cosplay. EVER! Sesame Street Yip Yip Martians @ DragonCon 2011

Sesame Street Yip Yip Martians at DragonCon 2011… simply put, one of the most entertaining and crowd pleasing cosplay costumes EVER… there wasn’t a single person who saw these guys who didn’t explode into joy.

The trip to Dragon*Con itself was a bit hit and miss, a fairly even mix of adventure and disaster.

The most upsetting example of disaster was the fact I was either food-poisoned, or otherwise infected with something truly unpleasant that knocked me on my ass for more than a day and a half, too sick to even leave my hotel room.

This meant I missed quite a lot of what I wanted to do at Dragon Con, including the Parade, an event which no other con anywhere in the world can match.

I also missed many of the panels I wanted to see.

But I did get to see Shatner, and Wil Wheaton, who were both superbly entertaining. So that’s cool.

Even collecting footage and photos was a huge fail, and any plans I had for my travel-blogs and mini documentaries have been torpedoed. I haven’t yet looked at the video I got, but I already know I didn’t get what I wanted or needed.

Maybe I’ll try it all again next year and just call this trip a scouting tour, or beta test

I could only party after-dark on two of the nights, sadly, so there was a lot of missed adventures there too I expect. Dragon con has epic parties.

Though, it seems on at least one of the nights I had adventures that were… blurred… from memory by overindulgence.

Like this picture… I have only a vague memory of the conversation with this girl, I don’t know who she is, or what we talked about specifically, I don’t even know who I handed my camera to in order to take this shot…

But it seems I was, at least, drunk enough to overcome my usual social awareness [shrug]

I wonder though… was I “duck-mouthing” for deliberate comedy effect, or was I just a drunken idiot? heh.