Getting to Grips with FCPX – Training and Tutorials I recomend

I get asked in a regular basis about the equipment and software I use to create my video content with, the answer to the equipment side of things is constantly evolving and changing, But for right now in this frozen moment of time the three cameras I use most are my Canon 60D, my Sony HDR-CX700 and my ever-present iPhone4, and my audio is handled by my RODE VideoMic Pro, RODE M3, my Samson C03U and my ZOOM H1.

However, my choice of software is much more constant, partly because re-learning a workflow is a pain in the ass and slows down production significantly.

Ppartly because since switching to the Mac several years ago and leaving Adobe Premiere on windows behind, and discovering first Final Cut Express, then when the need and desire for more power and control arose, Final Cut Pro, I found it more that fit the bill for anything and everything I needed to get done.

I am self taught mostly, some trial and error experimentation, some single purpose tutorials on blogs when I ran into a wall and couldn’t figure something out… but even after a while of being comfortable in Final Cut and being productive I stumbled across a set of video tutorials from a man called Larry Jordan.

Larry Jordan

I started to watch them to see if I had “missed” anything important with my blind groping… I KEPT watching because Larry’s presentation style was witty, entertaining, joyful and covered the dirt level basics up to more advanced concepts without once sounding even remotely condescending to anyone new, or boring those of us who think we’ve got a pretty good handle on things.

I learned a LOT from Larry, he is a fantastic instructor, I fixed several very bad habits I had picked up, and it made me a vastly more efficient man while I was buried in the FCP interface.

But that’s the “old” Final Cut Pro… Apple has unleashed an all new completely re-written, very different Final Cut, and they call it “X

All “controversy” and arrogant bickering aside, I’ve been trying very hard to give FCPX a fair-go, and there is much of it I like, and much of it that makes me want to put a face shaped dent in my new desk… thre’s no denying that it’s fast, and powerful… but it IS a 1.0 product, and there’s stuff that needs fixing. But I’ve been using it on almost all my videos since its release and for the moment it’s getting the basic job done, and in many cases noticeably quicker than I could have done it in “FCPold”

I have just discovered that Larry Jordan has very recently released a new video training series for Final Cut Pro X, and as before, despite being reasonably comfortable with FCPX so far, I am absolutely sure that the charismatic Mr Jordan will still have much insight into the why & how of FCPX and many useful little tricks and concepts that will make my work easier and faster.

So within minutes of discovering their availability, I clicked BUY, the zip file containing over 11 HOURS worth of Larry’s training – the 1.3GB zip file containing the series is still downloading as I type (you can also order it on DVD if you wish) – I’ve not watched it yet, but I have absolutely ZERO problem with recommending it directly and immediately to any of you out there who want to get to grips with the new world of non-linear editing that Apple is seeding with FCPX…

So here’s the link;

Complete Training Series for FCP X


There’s FREE stuff on his site too so if you’re not as confident in Larry as I am, or you just don’t trust my word for it, you can watch the free sample lessons and see for yourself.

$99 for 11 hours worth of hints, tips, secrets and Larry’s unique insight? no brainier for me.